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The Lions of Al-Rassan
The Movie 
22nd-May-2006 09:05 pm

I am a new member of the community and thought I'd come and saw hello!

I love "The Lions of Al-Rassan" by GGK and was very excited when a search on it took me to imdb where it told me that there was going to be a movie made based on it, being directed by Edward Zwick. I was wondering how do people feel about it? Some people on the discussion board were talking about Zwick as being a good director, but as I personally didn't really like "The Last Samurai" I'm a bit meh about it, but am hoping for the best!

So far not much information has been released about the movie but there's some speculation about casting Shohreh Aghdashloo and Sarah Shahi(?).

Even though strictly speaking Lions is a fantasy, it's based on Moorish Spain so it would be good if they could get some actors who would identify with those ethnicities but I dunno, we're probably more likely to get some Hollywood bigshots like Orlando Bloom or something lol.
22nd-May-2006 11:41 am (UTC)
Oh wow, someone actually found the comm, and without us doing any promoting! :-D

I'm wary, as far as the movie goes. There are so many things in the book that won't go well with the typical Hollywood movie recipes, so I'm afraid there will be a lot of cutting and "creative re-interpretation". Plus, I suspect that since there has to be an evil side, the Asharites will draw the short straw. It's either going to be a huge historical drama where they'll pay more attention to the scenery and the battles than anything else, like Alexander, or they'll streamline the novel and we end up with a Moorish take on Tristan and Isolde. (Me, pessimistic? Nah.) I'd love to be proven wrong, of course.

Orlando Bloom as Rodrigo or Ammar. Oh dear. *g*
22nd-May-2006 03:00 pm (UTC)
I second alighiera in her surprise of someone finding this comm. =^_^=

The movie... well. We can only hope it won't be disastruous, given Hollywood's trend in "interpreting" books these days. They take too much license, if you ask me. And all those reviews I heard about a love triangle make my head spinn. Also, since Lions is based on the history of El Cid, we might end up with a cross between book and legend. I'm not sure which hypothesis scares me more... *sigh*

One thing is certain, though - good or bad, I'm going to see this movie.
23rd-May-2006 12:13 pm (UTC)
LOL... did I interupt on a private comm? If so, sorry!!

I don't think it will be like Alexander because I think that was the result of the director having too much history to work with... the whole film felt like a documentary!

I think the love triangle might be just imdb making things up... apparently GGK commented somewhere that the director seems to know the book well. I guess we can hope for the best!
23rd-May-2006 04:21 pm (UTC)
No, no, you didn't interrupt! We just set it up a while ago, but never got around to do the finishing touches and promote it. That you found it is an incentive to add the final brush strokes now.

*grin* I agree on Alexander. It was a nice movie, but so long, and so full of facts...

Love triangle is a bit of a simplification, really... but if they hang on to the idea, then I'd assume that we won't see much of Miranda. Which would be an absolute pity.
24th-Aug-2006 07:21 pm (UTC)
I'm really, really worried. There's so much delicacy, and subtleness, that I fear won't sit well in a movie. You know who I would most prefer to have cast as either Rodrigo or Ammar? Johnny Depp.

He's a damn good actor who'd do a damn good job. Aaargh. What if it's bad? What if it's really BAD? That would be like stabbing the book in the back. XD
20th-Nov-2007 01:10 am (UTC)
hmmm, 2007 coming to an end now, and still no sign of that movie. let's hope the cruel fate of watching the disaster (because I am more than sure Hollywood cannot make anything rather than a disaster out of Kay's masterpiece) will pass us buy o_O
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